Deerfield — The Last French War

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The peace of Aix-la-Chapelle was of short duration. French encroachments in the West led to reprisals, which brought on a general war in 1755. This brought to Deerfield the old traditionary fears and precautions, if not danger. Oct. 15, 1756, the town voted to build four garrisons in the town and one at Wapping, with two mounts at each. These defenses were not tested; the last Indian inroad had been made. Deerfield was made the depot for military supplies for Northern Hampshire. (Capt. Elijah Williams was sub-commissary, with rank of major. He had also charge of fitting out numerous scouting-parties to cover the frontier. Our townsmen were active and vigilant in keeping the enemy at a distance. Much space would be occupied by giving details of the part taken in this war by Deerfield people; their services were prominent and important.
      A partial list of men who served in the last French war is as follows:

Cols. Ebenezer Hinsdale, William Williams, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Williams, Majs. Selah Barnard, John Hawks, Capts. John Catlin, Samuel Childs, Timothy Childs, Samuel Wells, Lieuts. Seth Catlin, Mathew Clesson, Sergts. Saml. Barnard, Zadock Hawks, Benjamin Munn, John Wells, John Taylor, Caleb Allen, Samuel Allen, Asahel Amsden, Consider Arms, David Arms, Eliakim Arms, Elijah Arms, John Arms, Jonathan Arms, Phineas Arms, Ebenezer Barnard, Samuel Belding, Asahel Birge, John P. Bull, Jonathan Burnham, Simeon Burt, Sharp Caleb, (Ashley) Cato, Richard Cary, Jonathan Catlin, Joseph Catlin, (Ashley) Cesar, (Hinsdale) Caesar, (Hoyt) Caesar, Moses Chandler, Amzi Childs, Lebeus Childs, Barnabas Davidson, Abel Dinsmore, David Dickinson, Nathaniel Dickinson, Thomas Dickinson, Zebediah Graves, Asa Hawks, John Hawks, Jr., Joshua Hawks, Moses Hawks, Paul Hawks, Seth Hanks, Elisha Hinsdale, John Hinsdale, Joseph Holmes, David Hoyt, Ebenezer Meacham, Alvin Mitchel, Elijah Mitchel, Phineas Munn, John Newton, Daniel Nims, Reuben Nims, Nathaniel Parker, Oliver Pease, ------ Peter, Abijah Prince, Solomon Rugg, John Russell, John Sadler, Martin Severance, Mathew Severance, Samuel Shattuck, John Sheldon, Jonathan Smead, John Stebbins, Moses Stebbins, Samuel Stebbins, (Ashley) Titus, Ebenezer Tolman, Amos Tute, James Tute, Zebediah Williams, Daniel Wittim, Augustus Wells.

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