Conway — Burial-Places

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      In 1767 a small lot of ground "near the saw-mill" (known as Emerson's Yard because it adjoined Rev. Mr. Emerson's residence afterward) was laid out for a burial-place. The first person buried therein was the one-year-old son of Israel Rice, in December, 1767. The next interment there was that of John Thwing, in March, 1769. This graveyard—of whose graves no trace can now be seen—was abandoned in 1772, when a new ground, purchased of Elias Dickinson, was laid out at the rear of the meeting-house. This was in turn abandoned many years ago. It adjoins the school-house at Pump-kin Hollow, and contains a score or more of headstones, of which the oldest bear inscriptions as follows:
      Sarah Denham, 1777; Ruth Dorchester, 1777; Submit Lee, 1777; Elizabeth Pulsipher, 1779; Rachael Clary, 1782; Gershom Farnsworth, 1784; Martha Bitlings, 1785; Hannah Lee, 1789; Jemima Lee, 1791; Elijah Wells, 1795; Deacon Ebenezer Clark, 1796.
      In 1845, Pine Grove Cemetery, a handsomely-shaded spot, was laid out, about a mile north of Conway village, and is the ground now chiefly used.
      This burial-ground is one of which the people of Conway are proud, and to its care and adornment much attention is given. Among its artistic features a sparkling fountain, casting up its silvery waters, is noticeably attractive.

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