Conway — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The names of the persons who have served as selectmen and town clerks from 1767 to 1879 will be found below:

1767.—Thos. French, Consider Arms, Samuel Wells.
1763.—Thos. French, Joel Baker.
1769.—Joel Baker, Jos. Catlin, Elias Dickinson, Nathaniel Field, Simeon Graves.
1770.—Thos. French, Joel Dickinson, Cyrus Rice.
1771.—Thos. French, Samuel Wells, Jonathan Whitney, Joel Baker, Israel Rice. 1772-73.—Jonas Rice, David Parker, Daniel Newhall.
1774.—Consider Arms, Israel Gates, Robert Oliver.
1775.—Elisha Amsden, Samuel Wells, Noah Belding.
1776.—Isaac Amsden, Jonas Rice, Sam'l Crittenden, Elisha Clark, Alex. Oliver.
1777.—Cyrus Rice, Isaac Amsden, Israel Rice, Jonas Rice, Elisha Clark.
1778.—Samuel Wells, Jonathan Whitney, Elisha Clark.
1779.—Abel Dinsmore, Jonathan Whitney, Israel Rice.
1780.—Elisha Amsden, Josiah Boyden, Nathaniel Goddard.
1781.—Alexander Oliver, Prince Tobey, Lucius Allis.
1782.—Prince Tobey, Alexander Oliver, Malachai Maynard.
1783.—Israel Gates, Abel Dinsmore, Malachai Maynard.
1784.—Caleb Allen, Abel Dinsmore, Jesse Severance.
1785.—Prince Tobey, Caleb Allen, George Sterns, Elisha Clark, Josiah Boyden.
1786.—Caleb Allen, Oliver Root, Timothy Thwing.
1787.—Lieut. Clary, William Wetmore, Oliver Root.
1788-89.—Ethan Billing, Caleb Allen, Oliver Root.
1790.—William Gates, Caleb Allen, Oliver Root.
1791.—John Banister, Elisha Clark, Oliver Root.
1792-95.—John Banister, Caleb Allen, Oliver Root.
1796.—Abel Dinsmore, Jabez Newhall, Oliver Root.
1797.—Malachai Maynard, Jabez Newhall, Oliver Root.
1798.—Malachai Maynard, Reuben Bardwell, Oliver Root.
1799.—Malachai Maynard, Joseph Rice (2d), Oliver Root.
1800.—Caleb Allen, Joel Parsons, Joel Adams.
1801.—Caleb Allen, Joel Parsons, Oliver Root.
1802.—Prince Tobey, Isaiah Wing, Oliver Root.
1803-4.—Joel Parsons, Jabez Newhall, Jos. Rice (2d).
1805.—Joel Parsons, Reuben Bardwell, Jos. Rice (2d).
1806.—John Arms, Samuel Wrisley, Jos. Rice (2d).
1807-8.—John Arms, David Childs, Jos. Rice (2d).
1809-10.—Isaac Baker, David Childs, Isaiah Wing.
1811.—Isaac Baker, David Childs, Nathaniel Baker.
1812.—Isaac Baker, Joel Parsons, Isaiah Wing.
1813-14.—Isaac Baker, Joel Parsons, Elijah Nash.
1815.—Isaac Baker, Joel Parsons, Darius Stearns.
1816.—Charles E. Billings, Joel Parsons, Darius Stearns.
1817.—Samuel Warren, Joel Parsons, Darius Stearns.
1818.—Elijah Nash, Charles E. Billings, D. Stearns.
1819.—Elijah Nash, Joseph Rice, Isaac Baker.
1820.—Charles E. Billings, William Stow, Noah Dickinson.
1821.—C. E. Billings, Joseph Rice, Noah Dickinson.
1822.—C. E. Billings, Darius Stearns, Noah Dickinson.
1823.—C. E. Billings, Darius Stearns, John Arms.
1824.—C. E. Billings, Elisha Clark, John Arms.
1825.—C. E. Billings, Joseph Rice, John Arms.
1826.—Jos. Avery, Levi Page, Ira Amsden.
1827.—Jos. Avery, C. E. Billings, Darius Stearns.
1823.—Austin Rice, C. E. Billings, Luther Bartlett.
1829.—Austin Rice, John Arms, Jos. Avery.
1830.—Charles E. Billings, Darius Stearns, Luther Bartlett.
1831.—Jos. Avery, Darius Stearns, Phineas Bartlett.
1832-35.—Charles E. Billings, William Stow, Jas. Phillips.
1835.—C. E. Billings, Jos. Avery, Charles Parsons.
1836.—George Stearns, Jos. Avery, Charles Parsons.
1837.—C. E. Billings, Eber Lee, Jas. Phillips.
1838.—Luther Bartlett, Eber Lee, Jas. Phillips.
1839.—Jos. Avery, Austin Rice, George Stearns.
1840.—Kimball Batchelder, A. Rice, Chester Bement.
1841.—Luther Bartlett, John Cotton, C. Bement.
1842.—Chester Bement, Josiah Dwight, Joseph Avery.
1843.—Jas. Phillips, Austin Rice, John Allis.
1844.—Jas. Phillips, Austin Rice, Josiah Dwight.
1845.—Emery Sherman, A. Rice, Daniel Eldredge.
1846.—Emery Sherman, John Clary, D. Eldredge.
1847.—Emery Sherman, John Clary, Kimball Batchelder.
1848.—Wm. A. Howland, E. D. Hamilton, Alvin Dinsmore.
1849.—Dennis Lee, E. D. Hamilton, Edwin Cooley.
1850.—Wm. C. Campbell, Edwin Cooley, George Stearns.
1851.—Wm. C. Campbell, Asa Howland, George Stearns.
1852.—Chester Bement, Daniel Eldredge, M. Dickinson.
1853.—John Bradford, L. L. Boyden, M. Dickinson.
1854.—Isaac Farley, Joel G. Rice, M. Dickinson.
1855.—Emery Shannon, Joel G. Rice, Dennis Lee.
1856.—Wm. C. Campbell, Consider Arms, Franklin Pease.
1857.—W. C. Campbell, Levi Page, Joel G. Rice.
1858.—Asa Howland, Levi Page.
1859.—Asa Howland, Wm. A. Howland, F. Arms.
1860.—Edwin Cooley, Paul Jenkins, Dennis Lee.
1861.—Edwin Cooley, W. C. Campbell, Carlos Batchelder.
1862.—Edwin Cooley, Newton Pease, C. Batchelder.
1863-65.—Wm. C. Campbell, Consider Arms, C. Batchelder.
1866.—W. C. Campbell, Wm. Stearns, C. Batchelder.
1867.—W. C. Campbell, L. F. Eldredge, C. Batchelder.
1868.—Charles B. Merritt, L. F. Eldridge, C. Batchelder.
1869.—W. C. Campbell, Thomas L. Allis, C. Batchelder.
1870.—Levi Page, Franklin Pease, L. F. Eldredge.
1871-72.—Thomas L. Allis, Chelsea Cook, L. F. Eldredge.
1873.—T. L. Allis, Edwin Cooley, Carlos Batchelder.
1874.—T. L. Allis, Edwin Cooley, T. S. Dickinson.
1875.—John B. Packard, Edwin Cooley, T. S. Dickinson.
1876.—J. B. Packard, Edwin Cooley, Alfred Bartlett.
1877-78.—T. S. Dickinson, Edwin Cooley, L. F. Eldredge.
1879.—J. B. Packard, Edwin Cooley, G. P. Hassell.

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