Charlemont — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The selectmen of Charlemont, from 1767 to 1878, have been as follows:

1767.—Aaron Rice, Jonathan Hastings, Gershom Hawks.
1768.—Aaron Rice, Othniel Taylor, Gershom Hawks.
1769.—Aaron Rice, Othniel Taylor, Asaph Thayer.
1770.—Aaron Rice, Othniel Taylor, Sylvanus Rice.
1771-74.—Aaron Rice, Othniel Taylor, James White.
1775.—Aaron Rice, Sylvanus Rice, James White.
1776.—Aaron Rice, Jonathan Hastings, James White.
1777-78.—Aaron Rice, Othniel Taylor, James White.
1779.—Sylvanus Rice, Benjamin Maxwell, Thomas Nichols.
1780.—Aaron Rice, Othniel Taylor, Jonathan Taylor.
1781.—Artemas Rice, George Kennan, Jonathan Taylor.
1782.—Artemas Rice, Josiah Upton, Joshua Hawks.
1783.-Artemus Rice, Josiah Upton, Jesse King.
1784.—Aaron Rice, James White, George Kennan.
1785.—Aaron Rice, Othniel Taylor, Jesse King.
1786.—Aaron Rice, George Kennan, Jonathan Hastings.
1787.—Nathan Rudd, Jesse King, Jonathan Hastings.
1788.—Artemas Rice, Joseph Nash, Edward Beckwith.
1789.—Artemas Rice, Joseph Nash, Nathan Rudd.
1790.—John Rice, Joseph Nash, Jesse King.
1791.—Nathan Rudd, Joseph Nash, Jared Hawks.
1792.—Nathan Rudd, Joseph Nash, Josiah White.
1793.—Jesse King, Joseph Nash, Josiah White.
1794.-Jesse King, Joseph Nash, Artemas Rice.
1795.—Joshua Hawks, Joseph Nash, Andrew Rudd.
1796.—Calvin Rice, Joseph Nash, Andrew Rudd.
1797.—Calvin Rice, Joseph Nash, Stephen Bates.
1798.—Jared Hawks, Joseph Nash, Stephen Bates.
1799.—William Williams, Josiah White, James Parker.
1800.—William Williams, Josiah White, Joseph Nash.
1801.—William Williams, Calvin Rice, James Parker.
1802-3.—Joseph Nash, Freeborn Mayhew, James Parker.
1804.—Amos Avery, Freeborn Mayhew, James Parker.
1805.-Amos Avery, Fitch Comstock, James Parker.
1806.—Amos Avery, Fitch Comstock, Libbeus Rudd.
1807.—Asahel Judd, Jared Hawks, Libbers Rudd.
1808.—Samuel Riddle, Sylvester Maxwell, Libbeus Rudd.
1809.—Freeborn Mayhew, Sylvester Maxwell, Libbeus Rudd.
1810-11.—Asahel Judd, Sylvester Maxwell, Libbeus Rudd.
1812.—Samuel Riddle, Sylvester Maxwell, Libbeus Rudd.
1813.—Calvin Hawks, Sylvester Maxwell, Libbeus Rudd.
1814.—Calvin Hawks, Sylvester Maxwell, Amos Avery.
1815.—Ebenezer Williams, Sylvester Maxwell, Amos Avery.
1816.—Samuel Riddle, Sylvester Maxwell, Levi Stearns.
1817.—Aaron Lyman, Rufus Barber, Wm. W. Fitch.
1818-19.—Sylvester Maxwell, Rufus Barber, Wm. W. Fitch.
1820.—Lucius Allis, Asahel Judd, Seth Pierce.
1821.—Samuel Riddle, Wm. W. Fitch, Seth Pierce.
1822.—Samuel Riddle, Stephen Bates, Sylvester Maxwell.
1823.—W. W. Fitch, John Fisher, Sylvester Maxwell.
1824.—Asahel Judd, John Fisher, Alex. P. Maxwell.
1825.—Consider Scott, Sylvester Maxwell, Alexander P. Maxwell.
1826-29.—Asahel Judd, Samuel Potter, Alexander P. Maxwell.
1830.—Reel Thayer, James Hawks, Alexander P. Maxwell.
1831.—Ruel Thayer, Philemon Rice, Alexander P. Maxwell.
1832-33.—Josiah Ballard, John Fisher, Leonard Rice.
1834.—Asahel Judd, A. P. Maxwell, Obadiah Dickinson.
1835.—Alfred Olds, Samuel Upton, Isaac J. Hawks.
1836.—Josiah Ballard, Asahel Judd, Silas Hawks.
1837.—A. P. Maxwell, Asahel Judd, Silas Hawks.
1838.—A. P. Maxwell, Asahel Judd, Jr., George Upton.
1839.—Robert L. Bishop, Asahel Judd, Jr., Isaac J. Hawks.
1840.—A. P. Maxwell, Obadiah Dickinson, A. H. Taylor.
1841.—Leonard Rice, Holmes Mayhew, R. Houghton, Jr.
1842.—Elias Taylor, Philemon Rice, E. A. Hawks.
1843.—Roger H. Leavitt, Philemon Rice, Asahel Judd.
1844.—Josiah Ballard, Robert L. Bishop, - Taylor.
1845.—Josiah Ballard, Robert L. Bishop, Asahel Judd, Jr.
1846.—Roger H. Leavitt, Samuel Potter, John Smith.
1847.—Asahel Judd, Jr., Samuel Potter, A. P. Maxwell.
1848.—Samuel Upton, Holmes Mayhew, Peter Wilder.
1849.—Luther Bodman, Asahel Judd, Jr., John Smith.
1850.—Samuel Upton, Asahel Judd, Jr., Robert L. Bishop.
1851.—Samuel Upton, Asahel Judd, Jr., Levi Smith.
1852.—A. P. Maxwell, Philemon Rice, George Hillman.
1853.—Hart Leavitt, Samuel Upton, David B. Hawks.
1854.—Fred W. White, Samuel Upton, Leonard B. Rice.
1855.—Royal Thomas, Samuel Upton, Leonard B. Rice.
1856.—Fred W. White, Peter Wilder, Royal Thomas.
1857.—Roger H. Leavitt, H. H. Mayhew, G. A. White.
1858.—Josiah Ballard, M. V. Taylor, B. A. Farnsworth.
1859-60.—A. L. Tyler, M. V. Taylor, E. D. Hawks.
1861-62.—A. L. Tyler, Samuel Potter, Leonard B. Rice.
1863.—A. L. Tyler, Samuel Potter, Hart Leavitt.
1864.—A. L. Tyler, Mathew Kingman, Leonard B. Rice.
1865.—A. L. Tyler, H. H. Mayhew, Leonard B. Rice.
1866-68.—A. L. Tyler, H. H. Mayhew, Alonzo Thayer.
1869.—David Todd, David Dunnell, Lorenzo Richmond.
1870.—Calvin E. Cooley, E. E. Warfield, Lorenzo Richmond.
1871-72.—A. L. Tyler, Leonard B. Rice, E. C. Hawks.
1873.—D. W. Baker, A. C. Baker, E. C. Hawks.
1874-75.—D. W. Baker, A. C. Baker, Calvin E. Cooley.
1876.—E. R. Goodnow, A. C. Baker, Calvin E. Cooley.
1877-78.—J. H. Kemp, Leonard B. Rice, Calvin E. Cooley.

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