Buckland — Secret Orders

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      At the village of Shelburne Falls, on the Buckland side, the order of Odd-Fellows instituted, Sept. 16, 1848,

Alethian Lodge, No. 128

      Alethian Lodge, No. 128, with eight charter members, and S. L. Bardwell, N. G.; Levi Smith, Sec.; E. M. Whitney, Treas.
      Four members were initiated at the first meeting, and the lodge at once entered upon a career of uninterrupted prosperity, the meetings ever since having been regularly maintained.
      The lodge-room and all its contents, in Anawansett Block, were destroyed by fire, July 22, 1876, and for a time the meetings were held in Shelburne, in Masonic Hall, but on the 1st of May, 1877, the present room was occupied. It is in a large three-story block which was erected by the lodge,—which became a corporate body in March, 1877,—and occupies the site of the old hall.
      Alethian Lodge has at present 160 members, and its officers are J. C. Perry, N. G.; J. H. Tooley, V. G.; H. A. Bowen, Sec.; and G. W. Jenks, Treas.

Alethian Encampment, No. 35

      Alethian Encampment, No. 35, was instituted in Anawansett Hall, Dec. 5, 1865. It has been moderately prosperous, but suffered in the fire of 1876. There are now 60 members, and the following officers: G. R. Pierce, C. P.; N. F. Buzzell, H. P.; E. G. Ost, S. W.; A. H. Smith, J. W.; S. Stevens, Sec.; and G. W. Jenks, Treas. The meetings are held in Odd-Fellows' Hall.

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