Bernardston — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The names of those who have served the town as selectmen and clerks from that time to 1879 will be found here appended:

1762.—John Burk, Moses Scott, Remembrance Sheldon.
1763. Zebulon Allen, Moses Scott, Remembrance Sheldon.
1764.—John Burk, Zebulon Allen, Remembrance Sheldon.
1765.—John Severance, Aaron Field, Amasa Sheldon.
1766.—John Burk, Remembrance Sheldon, Zebulon Allen.
1767.—John Burk, Ebenezer Sheldon, Sampson Howe.
1765.—John Burk, Ebenezer Sheldon, Remembrance Sheldon.
1769.—John Burk, James Couch, John Severance.
1770.—John Burk, Aaron Field, John Severance.
1771.—John Burk, Elijah Sheldon, Joel Chapin.
1772.—John Burk, Elijah Sheldon, James Couch.
1773.—John Burk, Samuel Hastings, Moses Scott.
1774.—Elisha Burnham, Elijah Kingsley, Caleb Chapin.
1775.—Elijah Burnham, David Rider, Ezekiel Foster.
1776.—John Burk, Aaron Field, Jona. Sheldon.
1777.—John Burk, Elisha Burnham, Amasa Sheldon.
1778.—Moses Scott, Ezekiel Foster, Samuel Hastings.
1779.—Hezekiah Chapin, Hezekiah Newcomb, John Burk, Joseph Slate, James Couch.
1780.—Aaron Field, Moses Scott, Elisha Burnham.
1781.—Caleb Chapin, Samuel Guild, Daniel Loomis.
1782.—Amara Sheldon, Joseph Slate, Hezekiah Chapin, Jared Crandall.
1783.—David Rider, Hezekiah Chapin, Alpheus Barstow, Hezekiah Newcomb, Charles Packer.
1784.—Aaron Field, Reuben Shattuck, Zebulon Allen.
1785.—Job W right, Jonathan Sheldon, Zebulon Allen.
1786.—Job Wright, Asaph Allen, Artemas Cushman.
1787.—Job Wright, Joseph Slate, Hezekiah Newcomb.
1788.—Elisha Burnham, Samuel Hastings, Artemas Cushman.
1789.—Job Wright, Hezekiah Newcomb, Joseph Allen.
1790.—Jonathan Sheldon, Artemas Cushman, Seba Allen.
1791.—Jonathan Sheldon, Caleb Chapin, Jr., Seba Allen.
1792.—Joseph Slate, Artemas Cushman, Seba Allen.
1793.—Joseph Slate, Caleb Alvord, Seba Allen.
1794.—Asaph Allen, Caleb Alvord, Samuel Hastings.
1795.—Elias Parmenter, Caleb Alvord, Samuel Hastings.
1796.—Elias Parmenter, Caleb Alvord, Seba Allen.
1797.—David Severance, Prince Snow, Seba Allen.
1798-99.—David Severance, Stephen Webster, Gideon Ryther.
1800.—Samuel Hastings, Caleb Chapin (2d), Jona. Allen.
1801.—Thomas Hoseley, Gideon Ryther, David Severance.
1802.—Samuel Flagg, Stephen Webster, David Severance.
1803.—Samuel Flagg, Stephen Webster, Samuel Sykes, Jr.
1804.—Thomas Hoseley, Gideon Ryther, Jonathan Allen.
1805-6.—Samuel Sykes, Jr., Gideon Ryther, David Severance.
1807.—Samuel Sykes, Stephen Webster, Jona. Allen.
1808.—John Hamilton, Stephen Webster, Oliver Cooley.
1809.—John Hamilton, Gideon Ryther, George Alexander.
1810.—Samuel Root, P. L. Cushman, George Alexander.
1811.—Samuel Root, S. Webster, Ezra Purple, Jr.
1812.—John Hamilton, Samuel Green, Ezra Purple, Jr.
1813.—John Hamilton, S. Webster, Jona. Allen.
1814.—John Hamilton, S. Webster, Socrates Sheldon.
1815.—John Hamilton, Job Goodale, David Denison.
1816.—John Hamilton, Jonathan Allen, P. L. Cushman.
1817.—P. L. Cushman, Jonathan Allen, Rufus Hastings.
1818.—Job Goodale, Ralph Cushman, Orra Sheldon.
1819.—Jonathan Allen, Hatsel Purple, George Parmenter.
1820.—Jonathan Allen, Hatsel Purple, John Hamilton.
1821.—Jonathan Allen, Hatsel Purple, Oliver Root.
1822.—Pliney Warner, Hatsel Purple, John Hamilton.
1823.—George Parmenter, Joseph Connable, John Hamilton.
1824.—George Parmenter, Joseph Connable, Z. C. Newcomb.
1825.—Hatsel Purple, Elizer Chamberlain, Samuel Root.
1826-28.—Hatsel Purple, Elizer Chamberlain, Jona. Allen.
1829.—Hatsel Purple, Isaac Burrows, Joseph Slate.
1830.—Oliver Root, Isaac Burrows, Adolphus Hale.
1831.—Ralph Cushman, Isaac Burrows, Hatsel Purple.
1832.—Ralph Cushman, Isaac Burrows, Adolphus Hale.
1833.—Oliver Root, Joseph Slate, Rufus Chase.
1834.—Oliver Root, Adolphus Hale, Rufus Chase.
1835-37.—Isaac Burrows, Adolphus Hale, Rufus Chase.
1838.—Ralph Cushman, Adolphus Hale, Joseph Slate.
1839.—Luke Gore, Adolphus Hale, Isaac Burrows.
1840.—Otis Warner, Adolphus Hale, S. B. Slate.
1841.—Otis Warner, Adolphus Hale, Isaac Burrows.
1842.—A. E. Parmenter, A. Hale, D. W. Temple.
1843.—A. E. Parmenter, Isaac Burrows, D. W. Temple.
1844.—A. E. Parmenter, A. R. Kingsley, John E. Burk.
1845.—D. W. Temple, Rufus Chase, John E. Burk.
1846.—D. W. Temple, John S. Allen, John F. Burk.
1847.—D. W. Temple, John S. Allen, A. E. Parmenter.
1848.—D. W. Temple, Isaac Burrows, Richard Montague.
1849-51.—John E. Burk, Samuel I. Green, Ed. H. Snow.
1852.—John E. Burk, Joel N. Dewey, L. H. Sprague.
1853.—D. W. Temple, Israel P. Hale, R. R. Park.
1854.—D. W. Temple, Israel P. Hale, S. B. Slate.
1855-56.—S. B. Slate, Israel P. Hale, Zenas Cutler.
1857.—S. B. Slate, Samuel J. Lyons, I. K. Brown.
1858-59.—Marcus Chapin, P. L. Cushman, I. K. Brown.
1860.—Lathrop Cushman, P. L. Cushman, S. J. Lyons.
1861.—Imla K. Brown, P. L. Cushman, S. J. Lyons.
1862.—J. M. Slate, P. L. Cushman, G. J. Green.
1863.—J. M. Slate, P. L. Cushman, John F. Hale.
1864.—J. M. Slate, B. S. Burrows, J. F. Hale.
1865.—H. B. Butler, B. S. Burrows, J. F. Hale.
1866.—H. B. Butler, It. H. Hoyt, Henry O. Root.
1867-72.—Almon Newcomb, R. H. Hoyt, H. 0. Root.
1872-78.—E. S. Hulbert, S. H. Atherton, H. O. Root.
1878.—E. S. Hulbert, C. R. Hills, H. O. Root.

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