Ashfield — Notes From The Records

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The "valuation list" of 1766 shows that there were 71 ta-able inhabitants then in the town, having estates amounting to £1633.
      The names of these inhabitants were David Alden, Samuel Anable, Lamberton Allen, Enoch Allen, Ebenezer Belding, Ebenezer Belding, Jr., John Blackmer, Dr. Phineas Bartlet, John Bement, Moses Bacon, Asa Bacon, Zebulon Bryant, Roland Blackmer, Samuel Belding, Samuel Batchelder, John Briggs, John Belding, Nathan Chapin, Isaac, Chancey, Isaac Crittenden, Isaac Crittenden, Jr., Reuben Ellis, John Ellis, Jonathan Edson, Moses Fuller; Nathan Fuller, Aaron Fuller, Nathaniel Harvey, Dr. Moses Hayden, Joel Kellogg, Timothy Lewis, Aaron Lyon, Samuel Lillie, Jonathan Lillie, Daniel Lazell, Joseph Mitchell, John Marble, Thomas Phillips, Richard Phillips, Benjamin Phillips, Philip Phillips, Simeon Phillips, Chileab Smith, Jr., Miles Standish, Israel Standish, Lemuel Snow, Joshua Sherwin, John Sadler, Moses Smith, Jonathan Sprague, Jonathan Sprague; Jr., Ebenezer Sprague, Jonathan Taylor, Samuel Truesdell, Nathan Wait, Jeremiah Wait, Elijah Wait, Samuel Washburn, Nehemiah Washburn, Jacob Washburn, William Ward, William Ward, Jr., John Wilkie, Simeon Wood, Samuel Washburn, Jr., Jonathan Yeomons, John Colburn, Joseph Row, Isaac Shepard.

      Aug. 22, 1777.—"Voted that the Town will do all yt lies in their power to suppress vice, and yt they will use their endeavors to prevent profane Cursing and Swearing, that the Lame of God be not blasphemed amongst then."
      June 2, 1778.—"Voted to build a Pound back of ye Meeting-House, on Abiezer's lot, he consenting to it."
      Dec. 25, 1787.—"Voted to Raise a bounty of four dollars for each wolf that may be hereafter killed by the inhabitants of the town of Ashfield within the limit of the town of Ashfield."
      April 18, 1791.—"Voted to build a pound 33 ft. sq. & 7 ft. high, back of Seth Wait's 'horse-house.'"
      April 23,1813.—"Voted that the Selectmen be authorized to put up a Log Hut on the Town's land formerly owned by Mr. Jenkins, for Tim Warren, to move him on, and see that he gets a support for himself and family with as little expense to the Town as possible."

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