Ashfield — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The following persons have filled the principal offices of Ashfield, and represented the town in the General Court:

1762.—Ebenezer Belding, Chileab Smith, Philip Phillips.
1763.—Nathan Wait, Reuben Ellis, Samuel Belding.
1764.—Reuben Ellis, Jonathan Edson, Nathan Chapin.
1765.—Samuel Belding Jonathan Yeomons, Ebenezer Belding.
1766.—(Jan. 6th) Ebenezer Belding, Timothy Lewis, Samuel Belding.
1766.—(March 31st) Chileab Smith, Moses Fuller, Thomas Phillips.
1767.—Chileab Smith, Timothy Lewis, Thomas Phillips.
1765.—Ebenezer Belding, Reuben Ellis, Nathan Chapin, Philip Phillips, Moses Fuller.
1769.—Ebenezer Belding, Timothy Lewis, Isaac Shepard.
1770.—Samuel Belding, Isaac Shepard, Samuel Allen.
1772.—Samuel Belding, Jonathan Taylor, Aaron Lyon.
1773.—Samuel Belding, Jonathan Taylor, Samuel Allen.
1774.—Samuel Belding, Reuben. Ellis, Jonathan Taylor.
1775.—Jasher Taylor, Aaron Lyon, Elisha Cranson.
1776.—Jasher Taylor, Aaron Lyon, Benj. Phillips.
1777.—Aaron Lyon, Peter Cross, Dr. Phineas Bartlet.
1778.—Benj. Phillips, Jacob Sherwin, Dr. Phineas Bartlet.
1779.—Jasher Taylor, John Bement, Isaac Shepard.
1780.—Benj. Phillips, Aaron Lyon, Roland Sears.
1781.—Warren Greens, Jr., Uriah Goodwin, John Sherwin.
1752.—Jacob Sherwin, Benj. Phillips, Samuel Allen.
1783.—Thomas Stocking, Capt. Jasher Taylor, Benj. Rogers.
1784.—Thomas Stocking, Chileab Smith, Jr., John Ellis.
1753.—Warren Green, Ephraim. Williams, Chileab Smith, Jr.
1786-87.—Thomas Stocking, Wm. Flower, Chileab Smith, Jr.
1788.—Ephraim Williams, Roland Sears, Philip Phillips.
1759.—Roland Sears, Ephraim Williams, Chileab Smith, Jr.
1790.—Roland Sears, Ephraim Williams, John Ellis.
1791-92.—Roland Sears, Ephraim Williams, Chileab Smith, Jr.
1793.—Warren Green, John Bement, Lemuel Spurr.
1794-95.—Ephrain Williams, Noland Sears, Chileab Smith, Jr.
1796.—Abner Kelly, Joshua Howes, Abiezer Perkins.
1797.—Joshua Howes, Abner Kelly, Elijah Paine.
1798-99.—Joshua Howes, Abner Kelly, Ephraim Williams.
1800-1.—Samuel Guilford, Chileab Smith, Abner Kelly.
1802-5.—Samuel Guilford, Abner Kelly, Ebenezer Smith.
1806.—Abner Kelly, Samuel Guilford, John Alden.
1807-8.—John Alden, Abner Kelly, Thomas White.
1809-11.—Thomas White, Bethuel Lilly, Josiah Drake.
1812-15.—Thomas White, Chipman Smith, Nathaniel Holmes.
1816-19.—Nathaniel Holmes, Dimmick Ellis, Bethuel Lilly.
1820.—Bethuel Lilly, Roswell Ranney, Jonathan Sears.
1821-22.—Roswell Ranney, Jonathan Sears, Samuel Eldredge.
1823.—Jonathan Sears, Samuel Eldredge, Simeon Phillips.
1824.—Samuel Eldredge, Jonathan Sears, Roswell Ranney.
1825.—Samuel Eldredge, Thomas White, Jonathan Sears.
1826.—Thomas White, Jonathan Sears, Nathaniel Holmes.
1827.—Thomas White, Nathaniel Holmes, Sanford Boice.
1828.—Thomas White, Sanford Boice, Austin Lilly.
1829.—Thomas White, Jonathan Sears, Austin Lilly.
1830-31.—Jonathan Sears, Seth Church, George hall.
1832-33.—Seth Church, George Hall, Wm. Bassett.
1834.—Sanford Boice, Daniel Williams, Joseph Hall.
1835-37.—Chester Sanderson, Anson Bement, Isaac Taylor.
1838.—Chester Sanderson, Sanford Boice, Friend Knowlton.
1839.—Sanford Boice, Friend Knowlton, Joseph Hall.
1840.—Chester Sanderson, Anson Bement, David Gray.
1841.—Wait Bement, David Gray, Salmon Miller.
1842.—Wait Bement, Hosea Blake, Alvan Perry.
1843.— Hosea Blake, John Guilford, Nathan Vincent.
1844.—Wait Bement, Hosea Blake, Lot Bassett.
1845.—Lot Bassett, Alvan Perry, Alvan Hall.
1846.—Hosea Blake, Ephraim Williams, Sanford Boice.
1847.—Hosea Blake, Chester Sanderson, Sanford Bice.
1848.—Sanford Boice, David Gray, Wm. Bassett.
1849-50.—David Gray, Henry Paine, Friend Knowlton.
1851.—Henry Paine, Alvan Perry, Nathan Knowlton.
1852.—Henry Paine, Nathan Knowlton, Foster R> King.
1853.—Nathan Knowlton, Kimbel H. Howes, Orville Hall.
1854.—Alvan Hall, Henry S. Ranney, Addison Graves.
1855.—Henry Paine, Addison Graves, Silas Blake.
1856.—Henry Paine, Orville Hall, Addison Graves.
1857-58.—Nathan Knowlton, Orville Hall, Daniel Williams, Jr.
1859.—Frederick Forbes, Freeman Williams, Chauncey Boice.
1860.—Nelson Gardner, Josephus Crafts, Chauncey Boice.
1861.—Josephus Crafts, Moses Cook, Darius Williams.
1863.—Josephns Crafts, Nathan Knowlton, Almon Howes.
1864.—Nathan Knowlton, Almon Howes, Josiah Cross, 1865.—Alvan Hall, Frederick G. Howes, Josiah Cross.
1866.—Nathan Knowlton, F. G. Howes, Orville Hall, 1867.—Henry Paine, Almon Howes, Addison G. Hall.
1868.—Almon Howes, Addison G. Hall, Moses Cook.
1869.—Addison G. Hall, Joseph Blake, Albert W. Crafts.
1870-71.—Addison G. Hall, Joseph Blake, Wait Bement.
1872.—Addison G. Hall, Nathan Knnowlton_ Orville Hall.
1873.—Addison G. Hall, Nathan Knowlton, Charles Howes.
1874.—Cyrus A. Hall, Frederick G. Howes, Silas Blake.
1875.—Nathan Knowlton, Charles Howes, Silas Blake.
1876.—Nathan Knowlton, Orville Hall, Alvan Hall.
1877.—Orville Hall, Levant F. Gray, Alvan Hall.
1878.—Levant F. Gray, Alvan Hall, Almon Howes.
1879.—Levant F. Gray, Chauncey Boise, Charles Howes.

* The foregoing officers served prior to the incorporation of the town, being called assessors.

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