Ashfield — Boundaries

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Beginning at the southeast corner of the town, the line runs north, 19° 20' east, miles and 300 rods, separating it from Conway and Shelburne on the east; thence in a nearly west direction about seven miles, separating it from Shelburne, Buckland, and Hawley on the north. On the south, beginning at the southeast corner, it runs north, 68° west, 201 rods; thence north, 17½° east, 28 rods; thence north, 69° 41' west, 870 rods; thence south, 12° west, 14 rods; thence north, 67½° west, 410 rods, dividing the town from Goshen; thence in the same direction 259 rods, dividing it from Cnmmington; thence north, 30' west, 517 rods; thence westerly 85 rods thence due north 122 rods; thence north, 6° east, 329 rods.
      The town, if reduced to regular dimensions, would form a square whose sides would extend six miles and one-fifth, inclosing an area of 24,601 1/2 acres.
      The nearest railway stations are Buckland, seven miles distant from the centre of the town, Shelburne Falls, nine miles distant, and South Deerfield, twelve miles.

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