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I'm a western MA (Holyoke) expat now living in New York City. This site contains interesting reproductions of text and images about subjects and places I love: history and genealogy of Western MA, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the UK.

July 24, 2024

Deerfield Vital Records to 1850

Vital Records of Deerfield, Massachusetts To The Year 1850, Compiled by Thomas W. Baldwin, A.B., S.D. Boston, MA, 1920. Complete Transcription of Births, Marriages and Deaths available (abut 325 pages). (added 03 Sep 2006)

Greenfield Vital Records to 1850

Greenfield Vital Records to 1850. About three hundred pages of births, marriages and deaths for Greenfield, MA -- from the 1915 NEGHS publication. Added 24 Jun 2006.

Deerfield: Old Pocumtuck Valley

Deerfield: Old Pocumtuck Valley, by George Sheldon. Adapted from Historic Towns of New England, 1898. An illustrated twenty-page history of Deerfield. Added 14 May 2006.

The Little Brown House on the Albany Road

The Little Brown House on the Albany Road, by George Sheldon. Originally published in 1898, this narrative that focuses upon several owners of the same house in Deerfield. Interesting profiles of a few Deerfield residents and of social-cultural vignettes appropriate to the time. (New, 11 Feb 2006)

History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts

History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, written by Louis H. Everts, published in 1879, Philadelphia, PA. This lengthy (over 1100 pages) two-volume set of books covers the history of three western Massachusetts counties: Hampshire, Hampden and Franklin. In addition to general county histories, Everts also has individual town histories. It is clear these histories are written by more than one person, and in some cases the author is cited for their contribution. Typically, each town history covers the topics, of geography, settlement, town organization, church history and includes revolutionary and military history. The topics covered vary between towns —some are more detailed than others— but each town history is filled with names of early settlers, prominent citizens, ministers and citizens active in civic organization.

Contained on this site is a transcription of the Franklin County component of this book. The general county history is available here, while each of the town histories are contained on the town pages appearing in the left column.

An Old Deerfield Letter

An Old Deerfield Letter from New England Monthly, 1890. Four page letter by Ebenezer Grant written sometime after 1710 from events relayed to him by Lieutenant Childs and Mr. Hoit regarding a company led by Mr. Write [sic] who left Deerfield in 1710 to pursue Indians in Canada.

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